Best ias coaching in Bangalore

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Global IAS Academy was started in the year 2001 with the noble cause of training the civil service aspirants in a focused manner and preparing them for facing the land’s highest examination. The ins


Custom password reset email - WordPress Premium Press plugin

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This plugin adds new facility to customize message in password reset email sent by WordPress. This plugin is designed for Premium Press theme


Squareup or Square payment gateway for v8.x.x-Premium press themes

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This plugin enables/adds new squareup or square payment gateway for premium Press themes (PP themes) . This plugin is designed to work only under Premium Press themes.


Display checkbox fields in advance search widget - PremiumPress plugin

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This Plugin will display checkboxes in advance search widget for the custom fields defined with type as checkbox. This plugin is created to work with only PremiumPress themes.


Plugin to add quantity field for buynow option - In PremiumPress Auction theme

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This plugin will add quantity field for buynow option in PremiumPress Auction theme. This plugin tested upto Premium


Sidebar ad widget for Premiumpress Wordpress themes

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This Wordpress widget will display banner ads in side bar by taking banner ads setup from admin advertising setup option.


City Classifieds - Free classifieds android app

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Add classifieds and advertise your business for free. Buy and sell products. City classifieds provides free classifieds services for Android mobile users to advertise business for free and to buy &


Data Usage report to Excelsheet - Android app

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This app is used to generate Data and Memory usage reports used by every mobile services/app. The generated data and memory usage reports are displayed in screen and as well as stored in Excel Sheet/S