PayPlug - Payment gateway plugin for wordpress

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License commercial
File Size (MB) 1 MB
Version 1.0
Date Released June 6, 2016 00:00


PayPlug payment gateway plugin for WordPress premiumpress themes. This plugin is designed to work only under PremiumPress themes. This plugin adds new payment gateway for PayPlug under payment setup.

This plugin tested upto Premium Press theme versions 8.x.x. It might not be compatible with Premium Press theme version 9.x.x

After signup with payplug, please enter required credentials in admin area under payment setup->payplug settings

This plugin has facility to enable test mode for payplug or in live mode.

This plugin uses payplug IPN(Instant Payment Notification) validation( as per payplug rules) before callback/before processing orders. If IPN validation signature is successful then it will process call back/Orders.

After uploading plugin, activate it. Go to payment setup and select payplug to enter your credentials , enable test mode and test it from front end. Once your testing is successful, enable live mode to process live transactions.

Plugin updated on June 6 2016

Contact murali@indiacitys.com or skype id muraliwebworld for help and support for this plugin.

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