Custom message password reset email for WordPress Premium Press theme

Pay to download
License commercial


This plugin adds new facility to customize email message or email subject in password reset default email sent by WordPress.

WordPress Plugin to change default wordpress password reset email with custom messages and subject.

This plugin is designed for Premium Press theme

Download this plugin from

Procedure to install this plugin

Download this plugin from
Upload this plugin and activate it
Go system emails tab under email setup in Premium Press theme admin area
Create new email template for password reset with your own message. It allows below shortcodes to use in the template
(username) – displays username
(passwordlink) – displays password reset link
(firstname) – display first name
Add your own custom text for password reset email, please make sure to include (passwordlink), so that customer can reset the password after clicking link
Go to email assignment tab and assign above template to password reset email option (refer attached images for reference)
For any questions contact

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