Member rating plugin for WordPress Premiumpress themes

It is the WordPress plugin for PremiumPress jobboard themes to rate members after job proposal is accepted.

Once Job owner accepted the job proposal proposed by a user, it will send email with a link to rate both the users (jobowner and user who applied for job) to rate each other.

User who applied for job will be able to rate job owner by clicking on the link from the email and similarly job owner will be able to rate user who applied for job. Both feed back will be stored in database.

Under admin back-end, Admin will be able to see the average rating for every users under admin user list. Rating for every user will also be shown in individual user profile screen. Please refer attached screenshots for more details.

New email template panel is added to backed email list admin option to set new template for job accept email to be sent after job proposal is accepted. Please refer attached screenshot for more details

This plugin will be very useful for administrators to find users with high and low ratings based on feedback rating and to award most talented users based on feedback rating.

This plugin will allow single rating for every transaction and it will not duplicate rating for same job proposal from same user.

Please download and activate it. Test it by accepting job proposal from another user.

If you have any questions, Please contact or skype id muraliwebworld or

Download this plugin at


August 11, 2018