Sidebar ad widget for Premiumpress WordPress themes

This WordPress widget will display banner ads in side bar by taking banner ads setup from admin advertising setup option.

This plugin has following 2 folders –

  1. Plugin to add sidebar banner ad setup option
  2. Widget to add sidebar banner ad from widgets section

It will accept any size of banners according to width of side bars in website.

This WordPress widget is designed only to be used with Premiumpress themes.

Following is procedure, how to install and activate Side bar ad setup plugin and Side bar ad widget under Premiumpress themes

.zip file contains 2 .zip files

1. Plugin folder to add side bar banner ad option in advertising setup – Please install this first before activating below widget

2. Widget folder to display side bar banner ads in side bars setup using above plugin under advertising setup option

  1. Download the .zip files
  2. Upload sidebar setup plugin using plugin upload panel. Install and activate it.
  3. Please verify whether side bar banner option is present in admin->theme options->advertising setup
  4. Setup side bar ad using regular banner setup in advertising setup
  5. Select required side bar ad under sidebar top option
  6. Upload side bar ad widget plugin and install and activate it
  7. Go to admin->appearance->widgets, select side bar widget and move it to left or right sidebar according to your choice
  8. Verify it in website screen
  9. It accepts any size according to width of side bar

Please contact if you have any questions or queries or contact me in skype id: muraliwebworld

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August 11, 2018